Pre-type rating course

We offer Pre-type rating course, carried out by one of our highly skilled and Professional Airline instructors. We ensure the cadet is completely prepared before proceeding for type rating, so the cadet does not miss out on any theoretical knowledge relevant to the type as the ground classes given by the type rating centers are usually not sufficient and incomplete.

Post-type rating course

We provide ground classes for cadets who have completed type rating to brush up their knowledge and prepare them for airline under the guidance of airline instructors. The courses enhance your knowledge and skill required for any airline entry. We also offer a Type rating course through one of our approved type rating partners across the globe.

We provide an efficient training environment with a focus on a high standard of skill, decision making, and professionalism. Ensure that all our cadets have the resources and guidance required to become the best pilots they are capable of becoming, encourage, and promote continual improvement, safety, and learning.

Eligibility : CPL with IR (Minimum 25 hours on multi-engine)
Course Duration: 1 Month

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